Centek Industries, Inc. (Centek) warrants its standard products; Vernatone™, Vernalift™, MiniMax™, Verna-Ski™, Vernatube™, Gen-Sep™, Combo-Sep™, Marlin™ (Products), and its custom designed fiberglass products (Products) for a period of five years from the date of original sale. Since Centek cannot exercise control over the installation and application of the Products, this limited warranty is in lieu of all other expressed or implied warranties such as warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular use or the results or effects of such use. Under no circumstances will Centek be liable for any consequential damages, damage by improper handling, damage during installation or damage in shipping. Further, Centek encourages customers to perform their own inspection of Products prior to use or installation.


Item                                                                                                                                          Period

  • Stainless Steel Dry Pipe (304 or 316) with AL6XN Mixing Tank                       5 Years
  • Inconel 625 Components                                                                                            7 Years
  • 90-10 Copper Nickel Raw Water Systems                                                               3 Years
  • Multi-Ply Expansion Joints                                                                                        1 Year
  • Single-Ply Expansion Joints/Flex Tubing                                                               6 Months
  • Removable Insulation Blankets:                                                                                1 Year
  • Permanent Hard Coat Insulation                                                                              3 Years

No repairs due to an accident, misuse, misapplication, storage damage, negligence or modification exceeding the Centek’s specifications are covered by this warranty. Exhaust system failures as a result of improper or lack of support are not covered under warranty.  Centek Industries, Inc. will not replace or repair under warranty any permanent hard coat insulated component on which the adjacent blankets or flange cuffs were improperly installed and overlapped the hard coat insulation.

From time to time, Centek, at its sole discretion, may authorize qualified third parties to repair Products. In these rare instances, Centek will have direct communication with repairing party and must provide authorization in writing before any repairs take place. When repairs are authorized, Centek’s liability shall not exceed the original purchase price of Product being repaired.

Centek must authorize the return of any alleged defective Product, and such return must be made within 30 days of the receipt of that authorization. A reasonable proof of purchase date must accompany all returned products.

Centek’s liability is limited to the replacement or repair of the Products and such liability will not exceed the original purchase price

This Warranty is Effective January 1, 2024

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