Generator Exhaust Filtration Solutions

Enjoy Your Time on the Water – Sheen Free.


With Centek Marine’s family of Gen-Kleen filtration systems, you don’t have to swim in the oily sheen that forms around your boat when the generator is running. Filter the hydrocarbon pollution from the generator’s cooling water before it is discharged overboard into the environment.

Systems available for ALL generators from 5kW and beyond

Centek engineers will size a system based on your generator specs and available space

Excellent filter life – 250+ hours depending on your generator and operating loads

Easy to change filter cartridges

Creates no additional backpressure to gen-set or heat to the engine room

Time tested, proven technology

How it works.

A Gen-Kleen Filtration System keeps the sheen off the water by separating the generator’s cooling water from exhaust gas and then filtering the hydrocarbon pollution before it is discharged overboard. Centek engineers can tailor your system by organizing and combining the various components. Below is a general visualization of how Gen-Kleen works.*

How Gen-Kleen Works View Larger

Lift muffler

Exhaust gas and cooling water enter the lift muffler from the generator and are lifted above the waterline to the Smart-SepTM.



Install above lift muffler and above water line. Separates the cooling water from the exhaust gas. Exhaust gas is vented to atmosphere and cooling water is stored in the internal reservoir.


Control Panel

Operates the system by controlling pump which transfers polluted cooling water to the filter canister. Bypass feature allows operator to choose when filtering takes place.



Transfers polluted water from reservoir to filter canister then pumps clean water overboard.


Filter Housing

Contains patented filter that binds to hydrocarbon pollution and allows clean water to pass through freely.

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