Filament Wound Tubing Solutions

Seems simple until you take a closer look.

From standard dimensions and lengths to custom geometries for very specific uses, Centek Marine has the solution.   Not all fiberglass tubing is created equal.  Centek is your best choice, period.


Continuous strand E glass and high temperature, self-extinguishing resin make for the perfect combination for marine tubing.

Filament Winding

CNC winders lay the continuous strand glass on the mandrel at precise angles for an unrivaled strength to weight ratio.

Smooth ID

Perfect for un-restricted flow of exhaust gas/cooling water mixture or whatever else is running through.


A Centek specialty! Vary the wall thickness, the length, the angle cuts, whatever you need. Engineers are ready to draw it for your approval.

Where it works.

There are literally hundreds of uses on a vessel – the only limitation is imagination.  Consider just a few of the many:


Exhaust Tubing

The original use.  Smooth ID facilitates un-restricted flow, flame retardant/heat resistant resin, OD sized for common hose dimensions.


Thruster Tunnels

Many, many options available from raw tubes to gel-coated ID to match hull color.  Let Centek cut it to your exact requirements saving you time and money on the line.


Shaft Log / Rudder Post Housing

Custom dimensions available.  Vinyl ester resin used has extremely low water absorbing properties.


Wire Trace

Are you currently using PVC or conduit from the hardware store?  Seriously?  Centek tubing bonds perfectly and lasts virtually forever.  Let us cut and kit up exactly what you need.

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