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Modular Dry Exhaust Solutions

Light Weight, Simple to Install

Gone are the days of heavy, difficult to install and maintain dry exhaust systems.  DINAK Modular Dry Exhaust solutions are the future of dry exhaust stacks – available now thru Centek Marine.

Why it works.

Centek Engineers will design a system to your exact specifications.  Everything you need for assembly is included.  Save time and money with the easy installation – no need for welders on site.  DINAK Dry Exhaust is simply the best solution.

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Flanged Connection

Traditional flanged connections to manifold, optional muffler, and expansion parts.


Modular Components

Designed for your application with all necessary parts.


Easy to Assemble

No welding necessary, components fit easily together and seal with silicon strap and v-band style clamp.  All items necessary to assemble system are included.



Optional muffler available depending on your sound attenuation goals.



304 and 316 stainless steel, double walled with interior insulation – no need for bulky, expensive insulation blankets.

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