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Centek Industries, the world leader in marine exhaust and ventilation solutions, is pleased to

announce the recent acquisition of Viking Marine Exhaust. This marks a significant step in

Centek’s ongoing effort to broaden its offerings in engine room solutions.

Viking Marine Exhaust is recognized for its commitment to delivering top-quality marine

exhaust products and providing outstanding customer service. The addition of Viking Marine

Exhaust to the Centek Industries family strengthens our capabilities in the design and production

of marine exhaust solutions, while further enhancing the security of our supply chain.

This follows Centek’s strategic acquisition of Delta T Systems in 2021. Together, these additions

enhance our capacity to offer a comprehensive range of marine exhaust, ventilation, and related

products, reinforcing our ability to provide high-quality engine room solutions.

About Centek Industries:

Centek Industries is the world leader in marine exhaust and ventilation solution. Since its

founding in 1962, Centek has been dedicated to delivering quality products and services. With a

full engineering staff and wide range of design capabilities, we welcome the opportunity to

create custom solutions tailored to your needs.

“The addition of Viking Marine Exhaust is an exciting step for Centek Marine.  This rounds out our robust line of marine exhaust solutions. In combination with our Delta T engine room climate control solutions, Centek provides a broad set of best in class solutions for the marine industry.”

Bill Hodges, President

Centek Industries 

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