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Kohler Power Marine Generator Sizing Guide


Standard finish is black or white enamel paint. Other options available on request include gel-coat, yacht quality and yatch quality plus.

Engine MakeEngine ModelPower RatingExh SizeLift MufflersGen Sep
KOHLER11EKOZD11kW @ 1800 (60Hz)21500265, 1500054, or 15001201020200
KOHLER125EOZDJ125 KW @ 1800615000921020600
KOHLER14EKOZD14 kW @ 1800 (60Hz)2.515000321020250
KOHLER16EKOZD16 kW @ 1800 (60Hz)2.515000321020250
KOHLER21EKOZD21 kW @1800 (60Hz)2.515000321020250
KOHLER24EKOZD24kW @ 18002.515000321020250
KOHLER40EKOZD40 kW @ 180031500235 or 15002321020300
KOHLER55EOZDJ55 kW @ 180041500088 or 15003191020400
KOHLER65EOZDJ65 kW @ 180041500088 or 15003191020400
KOHLER6EKOD (Diesel)6 kW @ 1800 (60Hz)21500265, 1500054, or 15001201020200
KOHLER80EOZDJ80 KW @ 180051500091 or 15000901020500
KOHLER99EOZDJ99 KW @ 180051500091 or 15000901020500
KOHLER9EKOZD9kW @ 1800 (60Hz)21500265, 1500054, or 15001201020200

How it works.

Centek Marine engineers design generator exhaust systems based on variables such as engine location in relation to water line, generator specs, desired discharge location, and sound attenuation goals. We make the process easy.

Below Waterline Installations
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Lift muffler

Exhaust gas and cooling water enter the lift muffler from the generator and is
lifted above the waterline for discharge overboard or to an optional Gen-Sep.



Separates exhaust gas from cooling water. Gas is vented to atmosphere and
cooling water is discharged below the waterline. Gets rid of the annoying splash and gurgle.

At or Above Waterline Installations
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For at or above the waterline installations. Combines lift muffler and gen-sep into one space saving unit. Available in vertical or horizontal configuration.

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